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June 20, 2019

Top Ways to Spruce up Your Business-Things To Know

If you are like most small business owners, you are looking for ways to cut corners. Understandably, the first things to go are those that do not directly increase revenue flow, such as using flowers for the d├ęcor around your restaurant, office or other business. But why not buy flowers wholesale?

Many types of business can benefit from their use.For example, some restaurant owners would love to be able to keep fresh flowers on their tables. If you tried to do this and were paying retail prices, it would quickly eat into your profits. By buying wholesale, however, you would be able to achieve the look you want without blowing the budget.Do you want to learn more? Visit tips for improving your business from

Here is just one real life example. Let’s assume that a restaurant located in Virginia Beach, Virginia needs four dozen flowers each week in order to keep the flowers on each table looking great.

The cost of four dozen roses from a retail florist in Virginia Beach is between $50 and $75. Those same flowers purchased from a place where wholesale flowers are sold cost as little as $14.99. Most cities have access to wholesale flowers within driving distance, so you owe it to your bottom line to look into this option.

While it might not seem like these wholesale flowers will add to your revenue, they will add to the enjoyment of your guests. If your guests have an overall better experience, it is more likely that they will return.

Office buildings can also benefit from having fresh cut wholesale flowers. It can be a morale boost for the workers and can help to give the right impression to clients. If you have fresh flowers placed on the conference room table when you are having meetings with a prospective client, only YOU will know they are wholesale flowers.

Wholesale flowers can also come in handy for your business when you need to present flowers to several employees. This could be during a recognition meeting, for Administrative Professional’s Day or as a way to thank a group of workers for a job well done.

Typically, the flowers purchased wholesale will not be arranged, but simply place six or twelve flowers in a small vase with some greenery and you can easily create several arrangements that would have cost hundreds of dollars from retail florist at a significant savings.

You could also use flowers as a way to say thank you to loyal clients or as a way to welcome new clients.

If you give it a bit of thought, you will probably be able to think of even more ways that wholesale flowers could help your business. Why pay retail prices? In this economy, every dollar counts, wholesale flowers will let you save money while still using flowers to help showcase your business in the best possible light.