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July 15, 2019

SEO Goes Natural & Social with Quality Content-A Review

Posting high quality content that is informative and beautifully drafted, on your website is often not enough to target the top spot on search engine lists. What actually matters is whether the content is SEO friendly. Search engines employ different criteria when they rank a website, some of the most important of which are the keywords used, density of keywords, inbound and outbound links, quality of content, site maintenance and the overall qualitative value of the website.More about the author

SEO friendly content increases site rank

In order to comprehend the benefits of SEO friendly content, you first need to understand how search engines work. When a visitor types in his requirement in the search box of the search engine home page, the spiders are triggered. They crawl over millions of websites that match the visitor’s requirements and present them on the screen. The order in which the websites are listed depends on a lot of factors. However, the major factor is the keyword. So, when the keyword used by the visitor for his search matches the keyword used in your web content, your site has a greater chance of appearing on the visitor’s screen.

A lot depends on the content of the site. When search engine spiders crawl over the different pages of your site, they expect simple, informative and high quality content. Writing an article is easy because anybody who is proficient in the language and has the knowledge about the subject that your website deals with. However, the question is, how do you get search engine spiders to visit your website in the first place? How do you know which is the best keyword to use?

The best keyword is that keyword, which is used by majority of people when they search for related content. So, by using such a keyword in your web content, you are extending an invitation to the search engine spiders to come and spot your website. In other words, you are making your website SEO friendly. This is where expert technical knowledge about SEO comes into picture and the solution lies in keyword optimization.

SEO friendly content helps you connect with target traffic

When the rank of your website increases, its visibility increases. As a direct consequence, you get more traffic. SEO friendly content is appealing to the readers because they get exactly the kind of information they were looking for.

A very important point that has to be understood by every website owner is that graphics and flashy features do not hold the attention of SEO spiders for long. It is the content which enjoys their attention and so, a keyword rich high quality content is better than a graphic rich poor content website any day.

Benefits for website owners

From the webmaster’s point of view, SEO friendly content gives the website an edge over competitors. It is a great boost to business and a very effective way of getting your point across to the visitors. The best ways to optimize on the benefits of SEO friendly content is to hire a content writing service so that you get consistent high quality keyword rich content, which can propel your website into the top rungs of search engine lists.

Know About the All New Volvo XC60


Volvo has launched the second-generation XC60 SUV in India at a starting Price of Rs.55.90 lakhs with a fuel-efficient powertrain, increased safety systems and of course a luxurious feeling. The Volvo XC60 is provided with just a single variant, known as Inscription, as for now in India. However, the Swedish Brand looks determined enough to assemble the SUV in India just like the earlier XC90, as competition gets stronger like never before.weblink


Lets take a look at the Design aspect of the SUV. The SUV is pretty much inspired by its larger relative XC90. Highlights of design are 19 inch alloy wheels, waterfall grille, all LED headlamps and sleek but attractive tail lamps. The SUV is 44 mm longer, 11 mm wider and 14 mm shorter in height than earlier variants. The Ride is quite comfortable for 5 people. The interiors are familiar Volvo designs which by all means is a compliment. The standout of the Single piece Driftwood dashboard is the 9 inch Touchscreen Infotainment System. A 15 speaker system by Bowers and Wilkins, a Sunroof and all round Heated Seats are other Deign highlights.


The Volvo XC60 is powered by a 2.0 litre, 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel Engine, and produces 235 PS of Maximum Horsepower and 480 Nm of Torque, thus easily makes it the most powerful SUV in its segment category. XC60 has a 8-Speed Automatic transmission and the Company claims to reach a top speed of 230 kmph. Thus Driving luxury is enhanced and speed lovers won’t be disappointed with this specifications.


The Volvo XC60 Specifications:

Mileage: 11.20 kmpl,

Fuel Type: Diesel,

Fuel Tank: 71 Litres,

Engine: 1969 cc,

BHP: 235 PS,

No. of Cylinders: 5,

No. of Gears: 8 Speed.


Volvo XC60 is coming with a sector where the competition is really tough. The Volvo XC60 has fierce Competition from the likes of BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q5 and Lexus NX 300h. However if you want a sporty SUV, look elsewhere, also if you want a Off-roader SUV, this isn’t for you either. But yes, if you are looking for a Compact Luxury SUV, this can turn out fantasy SUV for you because of the every reason mentioned earlier. With the kind of equipment it provides and several unique elements, it certainly has the potential to stand apart at a price range below 60 lakhs.

Look For California Center For Psychedelic Therapy

“Ketamine’s such a waste of time drug. All you do when you’re on ketamine is go: ‘Oh, I’m on drugs. I don’t feel good, I don’t feel bad, I’m just on drugs…”

Richard Melville Hall, the celebrated electronic musician who goes by the moniker Moby, has described his brush with drugs and thereafter his sustained efforts to come clean a waste of time. Ketamine is an extremely powerful general anesthetic used widely as a party drug. It has gained notoriety as a date rape drug. However, a study published in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry has contradicted these claims by highlighting its pivotal role in curing certain mental disorders.California Center for Psychedelic Therapy for more info on this.

Image result for psychedelic therapy

The study claims that ketamine can be used as surefire cure for certain types of depression. Therefore, it has been hailed as one of the most important discoveries in half a century. It has led to a massive debate among advocates and sceptics. It can prove a positive intervention in the case of the people living with a form of depression that has failed to respond to other medications and dogged by recurring thoughts of suicide. Some other studies suggest that ketamine can put depressive thoughts to rest with immediate effect. Generally, people going through depression need a fast-acting solution, which is not provided by the antidepressants available in the market. Generally, antidepressants take time to kick into action.

Ketamine affects reward and gratification centers of brain

In the course of the study, Cristina Cusin, psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant professor at Harvard University, analyzed 40 ketamine studies involving brain imaging. She noticed that people who were administered ketamine experienced marked brain changes in certain key areas of the brain involved in the regulation and control of emotions. The study further concluded that ketamine decreases the ability of the individual to self-monitor his or her emotions. When a person is less sensitive or less aware of how the emotions are unfurling in the brain, there are reduced chances of his or her taking drastic steps like committing suicide.

Many scientists have highlighted that ketamine also leads to the blunting of emotions. When this happens, one does not experience emotions like hopelessness, sadness, vulnerability, etc. to the fullest. As a result, there are lesser probabilities of people taking recourse to suicide. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), approximately 123 people could be killing themselves each day because of depression and related mental illnesses. It further states that around 90 percent of people who have committed suicide had a mental illness at the time of their death.

Apparently, talk therapies, sedatives and hotlines are sometimes not enough to prevent people going through depression from committing suicide. Instead, they could require something more potent to alleviate their pain and chemical imbalances inflicted by their mental condition. Although antidepressants are a standard cure for clinical depression or major depressive disorder (MDD), they might not deliver effective results in some people. For those falling in the category of treatment-resistant depression, ketamine seems like a miracle as the results are apparent within 24 hours and sometimes last for days.

Despite the above-mentioned clinical benefits of ketamine, researchers and medical practitioners warn about the drug due to the limited research on its long-term impacts and side effects. Some of common side effects seen in patients include dizziness, blurred vision, elevated blood pressure, dissociation, etc. Moreover, some studies have associated the long-term use of ketamine with bladder inflammation, liver damage, cognitive impairment, etc.

Dealing with depression

Depression is an extremely debilitating condition that affects health and quality of life. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the warning signs to avoid any delay in treatment. Though a novel finding, ketamine runs risks as a treatment approach for depression. Apart from its addictive property, one needs to keep in mind that ketamine has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Home Improvement Tips

At some point, most people need an handyman for a home improvement project or repair. Home improvement is composed of many different services. Additions, remodeling, electrical, and plumbing projects are just a few of the many services that home improvement companies provide. A professional knows what the state and local rules and regulations are for any home improvement project ensuring that no building codes are broken.Learn more at Check This Out
Handyman is knowledgeable about the products that they use during a job. They can explain the differences between top of line products, cheap products and those considered mid-priced. The quality of products required depends on the amount of money budgeted and what the project is. If the improvement is for a personal homeowner, top of the line products may be preferred while a property owner repairing a rental house usually uses the cheaper products.

Proprietors normally do not put more money than necessary into a rental house because they usually require frequent repairs. The majority of home improvement companies will gladly come to your residence and give you a free estimate of what your project will cost. Keep in mind that once you get an estimate and hire someone to do the job that anything you add to the project will be above the estimate you received.

It is common for people to include more as the job moves along yet expect the cost to remain the same. Remodeling or a repair to a home increases the value. The installation of designated energy efficient products is actually a tax-deductible improvement. If you plan a home project that saves on energy, home improvement companies can tell you if the improvements are tax deductible.

Projects that save energy and are tax deductible does not take long to pay for themselves. If you are searching for a home improvement company most have their own web sites. Most companies list the services they provide, their qualification, and their contact information. If you are going to be using services from someone you have not used before, it is important to check them out.

Check their history and customer satisfaction. For your own protection make sure they hold a valid license or certification. If you are making improvements to sell your home, some of those with the best return are remodelling the bathroom, redoing the kitchen and adding on a garage. One or all of these improvements increase the value of your home.