All You Need To Know About Global Youth Underemployment

Last several months I have been trying to understand why people lose jobs. I suppose that every person can provide his or her own reason or cause why he or she is unemployed. After the losing job, finding the main reasons of unemployment has become my idea fix. As I have told in my previous article that part-time unemployment can be very useful, but dismissal or firing is anyway is very stressful situation and can lead to depression and losing life meaning. In order to understand why people change work or get unemployed, I have spoken with almost all my friends. Global youth underemployment offers excellent info on this.

The first fact that I have found out is all my “respondents” have changed work at least one time in their lives. Moreover, I have learnt that reasons of changing job depend on age, education and gender of people.

Young people who are under 22 have part-time job that is not paid very well. Therefore, they do not value it very high and always ready to change it if somebody offers higher salary or better schedule.

Women, for example, prefer to leave job at least one year after they get married. It can be explained very simply. They give birth and, as a result, should care about baby during one, two or three years until he or she will go to kindergarten. However, at the present time, Moms try to return to job after giving birth as fast as possible in order not to lose job and good salary. Thanks to babysitters they can achieve it.

People, who have master’s degree, also prefer to change work if it cannot give them any opportunity to get a promotion. If they do not get it during two or three years, the idea is to change work place come to their mind more often. Also, another very important reason why people get jobless is bad relations with colleagues or boss. Some people fear competition. If your colleagues start to understand that you are smarter, they can spoil your life at work and compel you to leave it as fast as possible.