Best Vacation Spots in Mexico-Secrets Revealed

Mexico is a highly popular holiday destination with people from all over the world. It is replete with ancient Mayan culture, exotic and beautiful beach, great food and outstanding shopping experience. Usually the best time to visit Mexico is between the month of December and mid-summer. This is the time when the country has a mild climate that encourages people to roam around and enjoy what it has to offer. If you are contemplating a vacation to Mexico, you should know about the best vacation spots in the country. This way you will be able to plan your holiday without too much trouble. Some of the best vacation spots are as follows:

The most popular and beautiful place in Mexico is supposed to be Acapulco. It is full of lively nightclubs, restaurants severing scrumptious and authentic Mexican food, and charming hotels. The place is popular for its beaches and watersports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. One of the most popular beaches in the area is Barra Vieja where hordes of tourists descend each year to improve their sun tan. Also, you should take the time out to visit the Capilla de la Paz. It is chapel renowned for its architecture. You can click here to find moreĀ  best vacation spots in Mexico

If you want to indulge in sailing, paragliding, kayaking and windsurfing, then opt for Cancun. It is located at the Yucatan peninsula and on shores of the Caribbean Ocean. Once you are tired of the water sports, you can enjoy the nightclubs and shake a leg trying out the cumba and salsa. In fact, Cancun is touted as the ideal destination for honeymooners. Cozumel is the biggest island in Mexico. The name of the island comes from Mayan language and means The Island of Swallows. Its coral reefs, azure waters and sandy white beaches are highly attractive and spellbinding. The most popular places on the island are the Faro Celerain Eco Park, which is an underwater marine park, and the Chankanaab Park, where you can get a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim alongside dolphins. If you are looking for family vacation spots, then opt for Guadalajara. It is the capital city of Jalisco and the city where tequila was invented. Besides this, you can visit amusement parks, rodeo shows, zoos and cathedrals. You can visit this city any time of the year because of its mild climate.