Easy Tips on Losing Weight

Here are some quick, extremely effective tips to lose weight with… especially if you’re a woman who is motivated to get more thin immediately. You won’t even NOTICE yourself in the mirror 4 weeks from now if you follow these tips with just a little effort.

Tips to Lose Weight for Women

  1. Eat 3 apples and or grapefruits a day MR. Trim Fit

Wait, wait, wait. Yes, it’s boring. Look past that though… IT WORKS. This is a simple 2 pounds a month you can lose. Take it. Give yourself every sort of advantage possible. Apples and grapefruit are both high in water content and fiber… a truly awesome combination for weight loss.

  1. Spin in a circle like a child does

Spinning is not only fun and not only for kids… it’s for adults who need to balance out their hormones and lose weight. Spinning somehow balances your unbalanced hormones through some sort of stimulation of the Endocrine System.

Well, without balanced hormones, you’re not going to be losing weight anytime soon. And even if you did (very rare), you’d gain it right back. So use spins to balance the hormones.

What you do is spin in a circle with your arms out… spin clockwise. Get slightly dizzy and stop. That’s it. Do it 6-8 times everyday. Always stop the spins when you get SLIGHTLY DIZZY.

  1. Rinse cold water over your body for 15 seconds

Ok, I have a hard time convincing my clients to do this. But trust me, just do it and suffer for 15 seconds. Take your normal shower and then rinse with very cold water all over your body. Your body goes into immediate THERMOGENESIS (burns fat for heat and energy). That’s good news! DUH. This separates the people who WANT to lose weight and the people who WILL lose weight. Which one are you? So try these tips to lose weight and thank me later.

Want more tips to lose weight?

Well, if you’re sick and tired of getting the same old boring and tired weight loss advice… you know, like “Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water, jog, and blah blah blah”… then you found the right person. I’ll make weight loss easy and enjoyable for you… and NOT BORING!

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