Entry Point Security: Crime Prevention

Burglars often watch houses to find routine schedules. For example if you leave windows open day or night, when you come and go and if the neighbors are observant. When leaving even on a short errands make sure to lock all windows and doors.

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Screw on stops or steel rods are great ways to allow windows to remain open for ventilation and still keep security from entry possible. If you have an alarm system having 2 connections on each window, 1 at the close position and 1 about 6 inches up will give you security and ventilation as well.I strongly suggest you to visit read more to learn more about this.

To prevent burglars from smashing glass to gain entry all glass should be laminated in all exterior doors, sliding glass doors or windows. This will make the glass harder to break taking them time and hassle to enter. Remember burglars look for easy targets that are quick to get in and quick to get out.

Window coverings are great ways of keeping your belongings out of site. However not all window covering will be effective. For example translucent or sheer curtains look great but burglars can still see through them. Opaque window coverings like drapes or blinds are most affective.

Exterior doors are not all equal when it comes to security for your home. All doors should be solid core or aluminum clad, should have dead bolts with long throws, wide angle peep holes, and if they have wood jambs they should have steel straps located at the strike area to help prevent forced entry. With today’s technology you can purchase doors with three lock mechanisms. These doors have a pin at the top and foot of the door in addition to the normal center lock. By pulling the leaver up it locks all three locations at once, making forced entry even more difficult to achieve.

Service doors from the garage to the house should follow the same criteria as exterior doors.

Sliding glass doors can be easy targets. Look for and implement these simple tips. Locking pins or screws to prevent doors from being lifted out, metal rod or stopper to keep door from being forced open, and be sure the operating or sliding part of the door is on the inside of the non operating or stationary side to prevent it from being easily removed