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If your building is ready for power outages by having an emergency back up generator in place, you may think that all you need to do is wait for a power outage for the generator to work. However, like all complex machines, generators require regular maintenance, lest their equipment malfunction when needed most: in the midst of a power outage. Types of generator maintenance are many, and they should always be performed by a emergency power equipment supplier. Below, we list the maintenance services required for proper generator upkeep, which fall into two categories: part checks and regular annual maintenance. Checkout Generator Deer Park for more info.

Generator Services for Part Checks and Annual Maintenance

A. Part Checks

Part Checks are performed to ensure that generator parts and liquid reservoirs are prepared for a power outage. For regularly maintained generators, these checks are a relatively small expense. They consist of the following services: Output voltage tests at the transfer switch to see if the generator functions properly. Transfer switch test to insure switch functions properly, Transfer switch maintenance, if a building’s power can be disengaged,. Testing the level, pressure, and condition of generator motor oil, Testing the level and condition of generator coolant, Testing generator cooling circuit temperature at various locations, Testing the function and temperature of the block heater, Testing the pump, belts, and other basic equipment, Testing indicator lights on the generator and transfer switch, Testing panel gauges on the generator and transfer switch, Testing the condition of the battery, battery cables and charger, Testing for fluid leaks, Fuel level test

B. Annual Maintenance

Motor oil replacement, Replacement of used oil filters, Replacement of used fuel filters, Replacement of used coolant filters, Replacement of old air filters, Re-oiling of oil bath air filters, Replacement of transfer switch battery, Addition of fuel additive to preserve fuel quality, Addition of coolant additive to maintain coolant circuits

Investing in a back up generator is an excellent way to safeguard your business against power outages. Although commonly associated with hospitals, data centers, and other operations whose services require uninterrupted power, generators are also ideal for carrying on office business and retail business in the midst of power outages. But regardless of why you keep a generator or what type of generator you keep, benefiting from its presence entails keeping it properly maintained with regular parts checks and annual maintenance. To have a generator properly serviced, forming a service agreement with an experienced emergency power equipment supplier is the best option.