Green Laser Projector

There are a lot of uses and applications possible to make with lasers and laser projectors definitely top the charts when it comes to serious fun. You can use it for parties or gimmicks, and it’s going to be a sure fire hit with your peers. Follow this few steps and you will find yourself ready in as little as 15 minutes.¬†You can get additional information at read more.

Things you will need:

  1. Green Laser pointer
  2. Reflection Matrix (Diffraction Grating)
  3. Plastic Fusion Epoxy and Epoxy Putty
  4. Metal Plumbing Pipes to be used for the projection stand (4x 90 degree pipe connector, 4x straight pipes, 1x t Junction)

1st Step: Use the metal pipes to make a stand. Both the motor and the laser will be placed in separate pipes. The laser must be supported with the motor and check the angles from the laser to the motor.

2nd Step: Bore a hole in the middle part of the Reflection Matrix then use the epoxy to attach it to the motor.

3rd Step: Fasten the motor to a 90 degree pipe connector with the use of epoxy

4th Step: Be sure to solder the two wires into the motor and make sure to thread the wire through the piping then connect it to a power supply (battery or dc)

5th Step: Turn on the motor and power the green laser pointer which was aligned with the Reflection Matrix and motor.

6th Step: Reflect the laser beam into the spinning Reflection Matrix and turn on the music, this is a sure fire party booster.