Guides For Washing a Sleeping Bag

For the camping lovers, washing a sleeping bag is a common thing. However, if you have a good quality sleeping bag and do not want it to be damaged by incorrect washing methods, you are required to know the special ways for washing a sleeping bag. The following are some suggestions on how to make your sleeping bag clean without any damages.I strongly suggest you visit How to Wash a Sleeping Bag to learn more about this.

Before you wash your sleeping bag, you should read the instructions on the tag very carefully. Most of the times, there will be some warnings for washing it. Then check the inside of the sleeping bag to make sure there is no other thing in it. After that, you should not put the bag into the water in a hurry. As there may be some stains on the bag, and you can use something like a sponge to remove them. In this way, these stains can be got rid of in an easier way.

Then, you can put the zipped bag into warm water and make sure it is completely wet. Washing the bag by hands can be a good way to protect your bag, but it will take you a lot of efforts and time. And because the bag is made of synthetic fiber and it is also very large, you may find it rather terrible and troublesome when you are trying to make the soap out of the big bag. Using an agitator-type washing machine will be very convenient and time-saving. After that, put some mild soap into the water. You may also add some fabric softener to make the bag easier to be cleaned.

After you have washed the bag in the soap, you should repeat washing it in the water without soap. As a result, your bag will be rinsed after a few times. Then, you should take the bag out and try to make the water out by pressing it for several times. After that, you can wrap your sleeping bag and take it to the drier where it will be dried on low heat. You may also choose to put the bag flat in the sun to make it dry in a natural way. However, this may take you a lot of time.