Professional Hot Tub Movers Dallas In Flower Mound

There’s a distinction between the guys who carry boxes of possessions out to a truck and hot tub movers. Some homeowners consider hiring a friend with a pick-up truck to relocate their spa, but moving a heavy, complicated, and expensive unit requires special knowledge, equipment capable of handling the weight, and the expertise that comes with experience. It’s not necessary to leave the spa behind when moving to a new home. Professional hot tub movers can relocate a spa and install it in a new location quite easily and inexpensively. Get the facts about  Hot Tub Movers Dallas in Flower Mound

This is one case in which it’s important to rely upon professionals. A spa that is dropped, excessively jostled, or otherwise mishandled can become damaged, develop leaks, and even be ruined, costing far more in repairs or replacement than can be saved on a modest moving fee. With some common sense preparations and clear communication with the moving company, the spa can be relocated efficiently and without damage to the unit.

Preparing the spa in advance helps the hot tub movers relocate the unit without additional hassle and delay. It’s helpful to contact the company in advance, to discuss the precise services offered and the costs involved so you know more specifically what you have to do yourself. The first step to prepare the spa for removal is to drain the water. Depending on the location and neighborhood, this may require hiring a service to come in and pump the water. Homeowners who are unable to accomplish this themselves should check with their hot tub movers for referral. Once the tub is drained, the electricity should be disconnected. The job isn’t finished yet, however. There are a few more steps to take in preparation for the move.

A path must be cleared for the removal. The home may have been altered or renovated since the unit was installed. It’s important to check the intended path for obstacles, and to be sure that the equipment needed to move the unit will be able to pass through the space. Ideally, the spa will be placed in such a way that the distance from the location to the truck is as short as possible. The pumps and motors that make up the unit’s system should be jostled as little as possible during the move.

Once the area is cleared of any hazards or obstacles, the homeowner should be sure that the new location is prepared. Once everything is ready, it’s time to call and schedule the move. Having information like the brand, size, and weight of the unit is helpful to the hot tub movers. The real advantage to hiring professionals is the assurance that they are licensed, insured, and have the knowledge necessary to effect the move efficiently. When they arrive, they will carefully load the spa onto a truck using specialized equipment. The spa will be taken to the new location and installed. Once the spa is set up and filled, and the water has been treated, your hot tub is ready to use.