Know More About Conscious Dating

It’s hard enough to contemplate dating at midlife, finding yourself single again after being widowed or divorced – and this is doubly true when your intention is to find a partner that you feel you can resonate with on a soul level! Yet, that’s exactly the position so many women find themselves at midlife. Even within a committed relationship, desires for new levels of authenticity, ease and intimacy arise, challenging us to re-examine long-standing patterns and often dysfunctional habits of intimate communication. The idea of trying to impress someone, as in conventional dating, can be depressing. Especially at midlife, the pleasure of intimacy comes from being able to be totally present with your partner, listening, sharing, being silent, and then letting go and moving on. Hopefully by now we’ve learned to make choices about how we react, to choose not to let our buttons get pushed and aren’t attracted to the drama of a tug of war. Indeed, the prospect of the drama is exhausting enough to run for the hills!Have a look at this content for more info on this.

There is hope on the horizon though, as the idea of “spiritual dating” or “conscious dating” is becoming more common, and new kinds of dating services are springing up, including one for for “spiritual singles”. There are no special rules or expectations, conscious dating is about being true to yourself, expressing yourself authentically and naturally, and staying in the flow. Sometimes it is a challenge to regain your natural ease. For women especially, typically dating has been associated with trying hard to impress someone and be on our best behavior. To feel and stay connected and in the Now is a welcome relief! But at midlife, thankfully, as women become more confident and self-assured, we rely less on affirmation from men, or anyone, and feel much more free to just be ourselves. It’s so much more efficient to be real, isn’t it!? To get out of ego and let your guard down from the get go. Your true personality is eventually revealed in relationship anyway, so who has the time or energy to want to hide it?