Performance Driven Dashboards – Tips

Now-a-days there is a lot hype about Dashboards and we all are much aware of it. Basically dashboard is a term which is borrowed from the car industry. If you aren’t aware of that then it is for your information because you can see all the important information right in front of you in your car dashboard. If you are driving a car all the important data is in front of you whether it is speed, fuel or other necessary information that helps you to make your decision quickly when to slow down speed, when to speed up, when you need to refill your fuel tank, how much distance you have covered, and how much further distance you need to cover.

There are a number of dashboards types people are working on now-a-days and you might have listened to many names, like Business Intelligence Dashboard, Performance Dashboard, Operational Dashboard, Metrics Dashboard, etc.

In this data loaded world, the generation of a stylish dashboard can be a breath of fresh air that has both technical and business advantages to the organization. Presentation of critical data or (metrics) enables fast and effective decisions for the organization. Basically all the above mentioned dashboards are the same types of document, a document for communication of critical data and transform that data in a form that readers can read and understand easily and can make decisions on.Visit the complete article.

So, you might be thinking why you need to know how to build a stylish dashboard? Well dashboard reporting enables both technical and business advantages for the organization. Below are some points that will help you to understand why you actually need to know how to build dashboards.

Enhanced Decision Making
By having the right information in-front management is able to make quick and effective decisions, as they don’t need to read each and every column or row they just need to go through the whole analysis of the data, which describe growth, revenue, and other important aspects of data very clearly.

Enables Fast Marketing

You can see trends in your data easily and can implement new and helpful marketing strategies for products which are in demand and can make a route to market those products as fast as possible.

Better Competitive Advantage

If you are able to know your data perfectly you can be ahead of competition. Quick and healthy decisions can make with a faster road to market that gives you advantage over your competitors.

Better Production And Profit

Better production and profit both of these can easily achieve if you work properly on the above mentioned 3 points.


With the help of visual dashboard you can see both negative and positive trends in the market for your products. This is one of the amazing tools for decision makers and you can easily convert a bulk of data in visual form and can focus immediately on what is more important for an organization.