Scientific Glass Services – Things to know

Laboratory Glassware is the scientific equipment that is used to carry out different experiments in the chemistry and biology lab. The Laboratory equipment manufacturers produce glassware products as they are transparent, heat resistant, chemical resistant, and cost-effective alternatives to equipment made of other materials. The wide variety of Laboratory Glassware available in the market includes test tubes, reaction flasks, beakers, storage flasks, gas syringe, condensers, funnels, etc. Some of these apparatus are used as containers while others are used to conduct chemical reactions. This article elaborates on the different types of Laboratory Glassware.

Types Of Laboratory Equipment
Beakers:Beaker is one of the most commonly used apparatus in the scientific labs. It is a cylindrical container that is used to hold or heat chemicals, liquids and fluids. It is suitable for mixing and measuring various chemicals during experiments and can be easily moved from one place to another with the help of beaker tongs.
Graduated Cylinders:These slim cylinders work as measuring tools to measure the volume of different chemicals and liquids. They are available in several sizes like 10 ml, 25ml, 50ml and 100 ml.
Burettes:They are cylindrical glassware known to provide accurate measurement of the volume of the liquids. They are also used to dispense specific amounts of chemicals in experiments where precision is required.
Test Tubes:They are widely used in laboratories to hold, mix and heat small amount of chemicals and liquids. They are pipe shaped tubes with a round bottom and they are available in numerous widths and sizes.
Glass Retorts:A glass retort is a device that is utilized for distillation and dry distillation processes in the experiments. It is a kind of air tight spherical vessel with a long pointed neck in which chemicals or semi-solids are heated.
Erlenmeyer Flask: This flask is used to hold or heat the chemicals. It has conical body with a flat bottom and cylindrical neck. It is heat resistant and has the excellent ability to hold the chemicals that may have the risk of splattering if stirred.
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